Old Boys & Girls Reunion Bike Show

Saturday, August 15
Gilman, Illinois

Begins at 11:00 am
Judging at 3:00 pm

13 Different Classes:

 6 Harley
 1 Trike
 5 Metric
 1 Kids

Sponsored by
Red Knights Illinois Chapter 16 Motorcycle Club


Our Mission

•To promote motorcycle safety.
•To project a positive image of motorcycling.
•To enjoy the fraternity of FireFighters.
•To engage exclusively in social, charitable and educational activities directed at increasing the general understanding of, enjoyment of, competency, sportsmanship and participation in the sport of Motorcycling.







Helmet Laws By State

States (A to Z) Description

Alabama All riders
Alaska Younger than 18
Arizona Younger than 18
Arkansas Younger than 21
California All riders
Colorado No law
Connecticut Younger than 18
Delaware Younger than 19
Distric of Columbia All riders
Florida Younger than 21
Georgia All riders
Hawaii Younger than 18
Idaho Younger than 18
Illinois No law
Indiana Younger than 18
Iowa No law
Kansas Younger than 18
Kentucky Younger than 21
Louisiana All riders
Maine Younger than 15
Maryland All riders
Massachusetts All riders
Michigan All riders
Minnesota Younger than 18
Mississippi All riders
Missouri All riders
Montana Younger than 18
Nebraska All riders
Nevada All riders
New Hampshire No law
New Jersey All riders
New Mexico Younger than 18
New York All riders
North Carolina All riders
North Dakota Younger than 18
Ohio Younger than 18
Oklahoma Younger than 18
Oregon All riders
Rhode Island Younger than 21
Pennsylvania Younger than 21
South Carolina Younger than 21
South Dakota Younger than 18
Tennessee All riders
Texas Younger than 21
Utah Younger than 18
Vermont All riders
Virginia All riders
Washington All riders
West Virginia All riders
Wisconsin Younger than 18
Wyoming Younger than 19



Red Knights Chapter 16 is not responsible for state law accuracy.